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Swagelok Western New York

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Vendor Managed Inventory

vendor managed inventory
Our dedicated Services Specialists are experienced in aiding management of customer’s inventory. We have saved our customers thousands of dollars in inventory carrying costs by reducing their overall stocking levels. We prepare part usage reports to help analyze customer inventory requirements. We work with customers to establish minimum and maximum product levels for their inventory, and then replenish inventory so components consistently available. We also provide performance reports detailing shipping accuracy and timeliness.

  • On site availability of products
  • Reduce costs associated with ordering, cycle counting and receiving product
  • Web-based visibility to on-hand stock levels and reporting functions through our IMS software
  • Ability to integrate with purchasing systems and other eBusiness channels
  • Inventory bar code labels with your custom part numbers
  • A dedicated Service Specialist to manage and continually replenish account inventories

Custom Kitting through Custom Solutions
Reduce the cost of doing business by taking advantage of our customized component packaging options. Pre-packaging components to customer specifications eliminates additional handling. This service reduces packaging waste, warehousing costs, and manpower required while and increasing the efficiency of assembly processes.

Consignment Inventory
Consignment inventory is owned by Swagelok Western New York, but is physically located at customer facilities. Customers are only invoiced for the products that are removed from the inventory, keeping frequently used products constantly available.

What do our customers think about our VMI service?

"Our tube fitting VMI experience is fantastic.  Everyone, I work with at Swagelok WNY meets or exceeds my expectations.  The person I contact the most, usually for RFQs, is my Swagelok WNY services specialist, he is fantastic.  The person I contact the most for technical issues is my Swagelok WNY sales representative, he is one in a million." says Lisa from Hebeler LLC