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Swagelok Western New York

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Tube Fitting Safety & Installation Training


Mike Training

Tube fittings and their usage are seldom given much thought until there is a failure in the system. For most customers a failure is normally defined as a leak. The consequences of a leak can range from a minor inconvenience to a significant event requiring immediate attention and repair. By employing the techniques taught in this course, most of this leakage can be prevented.

This course is designed to:
  • Improve System performance with increased operating efficiency
  • Improve workplace safety conditions
  • Reduce materials, installation and maintenance costs
Course Outline:
  1. History of the Swagelok Tube Fitting
  2. Tubing and Pipe Systems
  3. Installation Procedure
  4. Tube Fitting Sizing
  5. Materials of Construction
  6. Tubing Considerations, specifications and preparation
  7. Sealing Principles
  8. Tube Fitting Tools
  9. Adapters
  10. Safety Considerations
We use a hands-on concept that enables students to learn the same way they solve problems on the job, by helping one another and sharing ideas.