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Swagelok Western New York

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Valve Safety & Selection Workshop

Selecting the right valve for an application is critical for system performance. With a wide range of selection criteria, this is not always an easy job. Valve function along with system pressure, temperature and media are common selection factors, but there are also many others. Environmental factors, system flow and end connections are just a few other selection criteria needed to select the right valve for any system.
Improper valve selection not only costs money and time, but can put the safety of your employees at risk. At Swagelok Western New York, we are here to meet all of your fluid system needs, and that starts with safety.
Course Outline:
  1. Introductions and Resources
  2. 5 Types of Valve Operation
  3. System Parameters and Selection Factors
  4. Valves by Type
  5. Valve Options and Accessories
  6. Valve Sizing
  7. Selection Method
  8. Selection Workshop

Our Workshop is interactive and hands-on, allowing industry professionals to work through real life problems and systems to gain useful knowledge to apply in the workplace. The Workshop is taught by a of team subject matter experts consisting of field engineers and local representatives, with years of industry and application experience.  Make sure to come prepared with questions, as they would love to help with your specific system needs.

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