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Swagelok Western New York

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VCR High Purity Training

The applications and the fluids contained by VCR fittings are some of the most demanding in industry. The fitting must maintain a leak tight seal on the most highly toxic, corrosive and flammable fluids ever developed by man. The fitting must maintain system integrity and purity under a wide range of operating conditions. It must perform reliably in situations where it is reassembled numerous times. Understanding how to optimize the performance of the VCR fitting is the goal of this class.
Course Outline:
  1. Swagelok VCR High Purity Fitting
  2. Vacuum and Positive Pressure
  3. Hands- On Installation
  4. Sealing Principles
  5. Materials of Construction
  6. Interior Surface finish
  7. Gasket Considerations
  8. Tubing Considerations, Specifications and Prep
  9. End Connections and Adapters
  10. Safety Considerations

Optional topics include an Orbital Welding Overview and High Purity Valve Selection

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