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Swagelok Western New York

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

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Services Specialist

1.0 Role
Services Specialist primary responsibility is to build relationships in the field through on site visits and delivery of customer inventory. Services Specialists support our field sales representatives as an additional touch to our customers.  This position will also support other service functions inside the office, including: customer service, warehouse (shipping & receiving) and custom assembly fabrication.

2.0 Responsibilities

2.1 Vendor Managed Inventory service (VMI):
    • Restock products based on pre-set quantities and agreed-upon replenishment schedule
    • Coordinate delivery schedule and assist customers with special requests
    • Utilize appropriate inventory maintenance tools, including Inventory Management Software (IMS) on iPad
    • Maintain brand image by organizing bins and storage area for Swagelok product, including clear labels on all product
    • Strictly adhere to all on-site safety requirements at customer locations
    • Communicate and coordinate effectively between customers, salespeople, and inside staff
    • Provide continuous support for customer needs by building working customer relationships 
    • Schedule and perform regular inventory audits
    • Promote new products and service opportunities as necessary
    • Genuine interest in growth and performance of accounts, as well as interest in growth of VMI service area, looking for opportunities and new accounts
    • Ownership of an appropriate back-up; it is the responsibility of the Services Specialist to ensure continued coverage of accounts when unavailable (Meetings, vacation, PTO). Services Specialist works with Manager/Supervisor to determine appropriate back up
2.2 Delivery Program:
    • Work with Services Coordinator and Office Managers to determine free delivery schedule 
    • Work with Marketing to coordinate delivery schedule and necessary promotional tools (handouts, push emails)
    • Schedule and maintain a delivery program with planned visits weekly or bi-weekly for select customer groups
    • Promote tubing delivery to customers, and manage delivery schedule appropriately to accommodate for changes in customer demand
2.3 Customer Service
    • Answer incoming calls, assist walk-in customers, and receive faxes and e-business orders to quote price and availability of Swagelok and 3rd party products.  
    • Be a liaison between the customer, factory, and salespeople
    • Acquire a working knowledge of Swagelok products to effectively and directly answer customer inquires
    • Understand and adhere to all Swagelok Corporate and Swagelok WNY Local policies
    • Enter information into CRM (Customer Relations Manager) regarding contact information, accounts, customer compliments, complaints, non-conformances and corrective actions.
    • Learn our empowerment processes to understand when you are encouraged to respond and when further approval is necessary
    • Contribute to our team approach by bringing a positive attitude and interest in helping others
2.4 Vehicle and Facilities Maintenance
    • Maintain first class standards of cleanliness in all areas of the warehouse; including dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc.  
    • Operate and maintain strapping machine, shipping scale, hose counter, label printer, band saw, and other tools
    • Conduct regular inventory audits and cycle counts for inventory accuracy assurance
    • Put away any incoming stock
    • Ensure delivery vehicles are maintained per Equipment Maintenance procedures and Services quality standards
2.5 Warehouse & Assembly Support
    • Become familiar with Swagelok WNY’s business system for shipping and receiving 
    • Maintain paperwork for incoming and outgoing product 
    • Receive into inventory all incoming shipments from various carriers, including freight, using a predetermined process involving physical and electronic documentation, and accuracy assurance measures
    • Contact customers for pick-ups 
    • Following an accuracy and quality assurance process, pull product from inventory to fill outgoing packing slips
    • Assure product does not leave the premises, for any reason, without two (2) sets of initials confirming the shipment has been double checked for accuracy
    • Cut and deburr 20 foot sticks of stainless steel tubing to customer specified lengths
    • Process basic assembly functions, (such as O-ring swaps)
2.6 Key Activities:
    • Adheres to Branding requirements of Services Team
    • Ensure maintenance and clean-up of vehicles; wash inside/outside; check on scuds and racking system
    • Maintains and updates Service Profiles with changes at current accounts—and immediately ensures a profile is created for all new accounts.  Profiles saved to shared drive.
    • Perform quarterly or other scheduled inventory audits and reconciliation at consignment accounts, as well as other required accounts
    • Ensures that agreements are in place for consignments, double checks pricing with contract, business system and inventory management system
    • Acts as liaison between Swagelok factory, Sales, Customer, Customer Service
    • Enters information into CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software with regard to contact information, services call activity information
    • Supports Customer Service Responsibilities and Warehouse Associate Responsibilities as necessary 
3.0 Personal Development and Continuous Improvement

3.1 Understands Swagelok culture by upholding our core values in all that you do
    • Customer focus
    • Integrity
    • Quality
    • Continuous Improvement  
    • Respect
    • Innovation
3.2 Consistently follow a personal development plan and training curriculum

3.3 Participate in online Swagelok University, Lunch & Learns, live training, and other developmental activities

3.4 Request additional training and development as necessary; make proposals for additional training and submit to supervisor/manager.

4.0 Requirements
    • Basic level product knowledge with demonstrated interest in improving knowledge
    • Adaptive to changing customer needs, market needs, business trends and company needs; understands when and why this is necessary; anticipates these changes
    • Passion for developing solid working relationships with customers and coworkers
    • Strong interest in personal development and contributing to a positive work environment
    • Excellent communication skills, verbally and written
    • Ability to work independently as well as with a team
    • Microsoft Office skills including Outlook, Word, and Excel
    • Detail oriented and extremely organized
    • Understands and follows all Swagelok Corporate policies and local policies
    • Valid driver’s license and ability to drive a company pickup truck
5.0 Training
    • Service Specialist On-boarding Plan
    • Swagelok University
    • Lunch and Learns
    • Swagelok Quality System (SQS) Documents, Processes, Work Instructions
    • Hands on Product training with Sales, Technical Service

To apply for above Service Specialist Position, send your cover letter and resume to