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Natural Gas Industry


With the advent of hydraulic fracturing, shale gas production is now booming in the US. Innovations in horizontal drilling equipment now allow extraction companies to drill and extract gas from shale formations. Shale gas has transformed domestic energy supply, with a potentially inexpensive and abundant new source of fuel for the world's largest energy consumer.**

What steps are you taking to contribute to the advancing Natural Gas market?

  • Do you have a safety coordinator that checks for leaks prior to starting your systems?
  • Who is responsible for the performance and maintenance of the systems?
  • Do you have documentation and CMTRs available to support product selection for upcoming projects?

These are all questions you have to consider to produce cost-efficient solutions for your Natural Gas processes.

As your local Swagelok Sales and Service center, we have developed standard assemblies to save you time and to move your projects forward. 


  Do you survey and map the ground for petroleum and gas deposits?  Click Here
  Are you the drilling expert? Do you develop natural gas in wells?  Click Here  
  Do you install natural gas well casing? Do you treat natural gas formations?  Click Here
  Are you the Area Supervisor for a natural gas storage facility?  Click Here
  Do you distribute natural gas?  Click Here
  Do you add odorant to natural gas to ensure it is distinctive and detectable?  Click Here
  Do you work with a team that transports natural gas along a pipeline?  Click Here
  Do you manage a CNG fueling station?  Click Here
  Do you supply panels, sub assemblies and welded equipment to natural gas companies? Click Here
  Are you field technician trainer?  Click Here
  Do you supply skids to natural gas facilities?  Click Here
  Are you an engineer from an A&E firm?  Click Here 

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**Choudhury, N. (2017, July 20). Oil & Gas Industry Outlook - July 2017. Retrieved November 16, 2017, from